Indian FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market. Approx 3.5 lakhs different products by different manufacturers , 82 products categories, 10 millions shops to cater 1.2 billion consumers across 28 diverse states of India.

Evergreen sector, ever growing sector, but full of diversity and complex business ecosystem and consumer nature.An example of pure competitive market competition. Making place in this FMCG business environment ? A real challenge to marketers.

FMCG industry in India is diverse and constantly growing .It is  only the evergreen industry and impact of external factors are minimal.It is an example of mature & establish market where penetration level is quiet high,most of top brands belongs from FMCG sectors.

This nature of FMCG industry makes it toughest for new entry or taking additional market share.Since nature of market is pure competitive,hence marketing practices from players are rigorous.


Typical Challenges for FMCG brand owner retaining their market share and making a space in market Due to Following Reason..

– The market is well matured ,fully penetrated & Developed.

– Market dynamics are stable.

-No market vacuum available.Best Matured organizations are available.

– Variety of marketer by nature i.e. old century old Indian business houses like Dabur India,Big BULLs as MNC’s like HUL,P&G etc, Small Niche Players .

– Brand quality / satisfaction separation is difficult by consumers.

-Less Innovation,development of unique new products  i.e. as it is in consumer durable industry where innovations are very fast.

-Widely geotopographical spread market across  India (Length,Breadth,Depth) & complex nature of distribution system esp for rural markets, makes  Distribution cost / operational & execution cost  very high…………. many more……….

In such a complex and rigid  business ecosystem it is difficult to mold consumers / market in ones favor.

Since our Mission Statement is ” Bend The Market”,we carry the expertise for same.Our micro strategic consultancies has helped to our client to change the business scenario.

As we discussed,FMCG sector is an ideal example of  typical complex market hence all the required vertical carry complexity within complexity.Weather it is distribution system,consumer behavior,promotion or any other filed related with FMCG market.

Hence, a better micro synchronization is required among all the vertical for optimum performance of business. And this is major challenge for Industry.

Fmcg industry carry the typical examples of some of oldest organizations still struggling for their space in market. Very few are capable to  break their shell and come out from cocoon stage.


Bringing desired change in fmcg vertical requires deep working on business DNA level & output may be delayed.

One of most typical problem for success is that identification of exact dynamics to prepare & launch plan so that it hit the desired point to deliver results Since variety of number of acting dynamics are huge and similar.In such situation probability of mistakes are very high,this is reason that most of time we do advertising & promotions but results don’t come as per expectations.

Here, we play great role to identify the exact dynamics to hit and develop the strategies so that accuracy probability increases.

We understand FMCG market and it’s micro dynamics more deeper,weather it is consumer behavior,distribution system,promotion  or any other business factors responsible for delivery.

Our Core expertise lies in same and our services will helps to bring your corporate dream true.

Not only this,time vertical is also important to us. We understand that development should be on speedy way.For this we have developed several strategies which are capable to deliver results in speedy way.



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