Energy Auditing

energy auditing
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Reduce Your Electricity Bills! Saving energy is Producing Energy. Every one can save energy on this planet to fight against energy crisis,pollution control,Co2 footprint reduction. To save this planet it’s our moral duty .

We should start energy saving from today,tomorrow will quiet late.It’s important to know required energy for our use, wastage of energy,energy flow process so that one can help to save energy.

By Our energy Audit Services,one can exactly understand his actual energy need,wastage of energy with current setup and methods of management of energy for his commercial plant,or domestic premises.

No Matter weather your are a big industrial house or commercial premises or energy auditing1domestic user of energy,our qualified energy auditors will suggest you best energy saving management process which will be helpful to you or your industrial plant to cut unnecessary cost/wastage due to poor energy management.

All our energy auditors are well qualified  & experienced professionals carrying BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency,Govt Of India Enterprise) certification for energy audit.

We provide following level of energy auditing as per requirement of our Clients :

  • Level 0 – Benchmarking: This first analysis consists in a preliminary Whole Building Energy Use (WBEU) analysis based on the analysis of the historic utility use and costs and the comparison of the performances of the buildings to those of similar buildings. This benchmarking of the studied installation allows determining if further analysis is required;
  • Level I – Walk-through audit: Preliminary analysis made to assess building energy efficiency to identify not only simple and low-cost improvements but also a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs, or energy conservation opportunities, ECOs) to orient the future detailed audit. This inspection is based on visual verifications, study of installed equipment and operating data and detailed analysis of recorded energy consumption collected during the benchmarking phase;
  • Level II – Detailed/General energy audit: Based on the results of the pre-audit, this type of energy audit consists in energy use survey in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the studied installation, a more detailed analysis of the facility, a breakdown of the energy use and a first quantitative evaluation of the ECOs/ECMs selected to correct the defects or improve the existing installation. This level of analysis can involve advanced on-site measurements and sophisticated computer based simulation tools to evaluate precisely the selected energy retrofits;
  • Level III – Investment-Grade audit: Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications focusing on potential costly ECOs requiring rigorous engineering study.

Come ! get the world Class BEE Certified Energy Auditors for all type of your energy Audit needs either for Domestic,Commercial or Industrial and start Saving energy.



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