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Corporate & Company Law- A legal provision to protect your business interest.An equally important vertical for your organization as other vertical.An alert And proactive approach may save your business from unwanted hurdles legally.


No Matter what is nature , size of your business,We provide our services to the corporates and individuals throughout India and abroad regarding matters related to:

Company Laws

Corporate Laws

Cyber Laws

Labour Laws

Trademark, Patent and Copyright

Civil Laws

Criminal Laws

Negotiable Instrument Act

Contract, Partnership and Collaboration

Property Matters


* We are a help for Banks & financials Institutions for getting their payment recovered by talking to the customers Furtherance of our action giving notices and filing cases against the defaulters for sec 138 Negotiable Instrument act & civil cases for the recoveries of payment.

* We can help in establishing all type of industries by providing all legal assistance required for Documentations, registrations, agreements,contracts,tie ups, labour related issues etc.

* We are also providing Income tax consultancy, filing of returns etc by our other team handling this field of ours.

* We provide legal consultants and attorneys who are associated with us to our clients throughout the globe.

* We are also initializing and are open to the process of legal process outsourcing (LPO).


Few of our micro legal expertise are as below legal services

Company Formation

Antitrust,Unfair Competition & Trade Practices

Foreign Investment

Mergers & Acquisitions


Outsourcing arrangement

Bankruptcy & Reorganization

Commercial Contracts

Intellectual Property

Corporate & Securities Laws

Joint Venture & Technical Collaborations

E Commerce Transactions

Privatization & divestment

Any Other   etc etc..



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