Barriers To India Market Entry

Challenges For Doing Business In India & It’s Effective Management

We know that you are eager to be participative actively in growing indian economy.You have a great and keen willing to India Market  Entry and want show your business excellence here too like as in your country.But being not familiar with complex indian business ecosystem and secrets of business success in India,we also understand about your state of wired mind about your most ambitious strategic corporate mission i.e. launching your Business In India & Making it a most exemplary and successful venture movement.

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INDIA – and India MarketThe Most Lucrative future market for business investors & Global corporate house. The most promising  and fastest growing economy. Predicted that by 2030,India will emerge as a leading global business hub.


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Before Starting,The Biggest Barriers For India Market Entry Is as natural and common as barrier for “any unknown thing / place”. Yes Truly Nothing Else Barrier is there.  There Is Always A natural fear factor for unseen places, same work here in business – a dilemma factor for new venture.Secondly,A Fear Factor for being unknown about indian market dynamics & cultures. Reason behind this is that whatever info foreigners gets, its via different media and are very little.It is required to get a practical experience about india to understand that how easy is doing business in india. Yes ! Doing Business In India Is As easy As doing Business In Your Own Country.The proof for same is that several global corporate business giants are operating here since many decades and are market leaders. Some of them are Unilever,P&G,Nestle,Vodafone,Oppel Led,Dell,Google,Sony India,Samsung,LG,Panasonic  etc etc .

India Market ,The most thrilling Future place for Doing  business & Social life Tourism.Today due to economic & business usps offered by  india market , most of global business warriors / business entrepreneurs are seeking to enter into india market.They actively want to participate in doing business in india due to India market  business growth process and want to insure their share.

Indian economy / India market is diverse and one of biggest economy.India Market dynamics are complex and India market  nature is difficult to predict.

Imagine a land carrying 29 States ( Consider these states as 29 countries),528 districts,7000 towns & 6 lakhs villages with 1.2 billion potential consumers.

A market infrastructures of 10 million plus consumer shops,50000 retail show rooms,4 lakhs different product in consumer goods vertical and more than 75 thousands Pharma brands.

More Than 461 Languages,different culture & ritual,different class of consumers based on their buying behaviour……………….many more ………………. really its  a puzzle to understand ……….


However,No doubt India Market Is Emerging,But success will come only those who are strategically sharp and will practice greatest business strategies at one complex market place like India Market where all complex and advanced micro competitive market factors meets together – act upon together i.e. manufacturing,market,consumers,business stakeholders,english speaking mass,qualified professionals,skilled labur etc etc….

However,Just For our foreign readers those who wants  India Market Entry for doing business in india,we are writing this article so that they can eliminate  strategic mistakes by understanding India Market entry Barriers……….

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Need To worry ! Come and get real time exposure of Indian Market. It’s equally attractive n will leave behind all other market in coming years.

The Overall India Market Culture is equally good for you and foreign natives,perhaps this is reason why so many small,big mnc are playing  well and leading their segments In India .

We Hope That If Others Can do Why Not You……..

However some Barriers we are discussing which can be easily managed with proper strategic supports.

Diversity Of India 

Diversity of India  and India Market too, May be boon for Tourism or  UNESCO but for doing business in india or  on business front, it’s a big challenge to manage diverse culture,diverse geography,diverse consumers for India Market entry Process. As we have mentioned that  there are more than 460 languages- all these makes India Market  a complex market  place , in such a diverse society it’s really a big challenge because for each class of diverse market , consumer, geography etc you have to develop different India Market Entry strategic plans for media,product and communication  etc.Think India Is not a single country but there are countries within countries.

About diversity of india ( India Market)  there is one old saying in india that – “AFTER EVERY MILES THERE WILL BE CHANGE IN TASTE OF WATER AND EVERY 4 MILES THERE WILL BE CHANGE IN LANGUAGE”……..

—————-> Diversify yourself too To Manage These Types Of Challenges<———————–


India is home for different cultures,different types of society,different types of religion,rituals etc.It May be a challange for outsider but a subject of great proud that all are living together,working together and growing together.But understanding and adopting business in such a diverse social,cultural environment  is a challenge for a different culture. However the same is  boon for those one who understand it.

—->Be Social, Enjoy Society And Cultural Business Opportunities To Manage This Challenge<——-

Diversified Political &  Legal Environment

Political and legal system of india may be subject of proud but may be a business speed killing factor.(However now these days great Business process modifications has been introduced to doing business in india easy) In India Central government may be different and state government may be different.Hence Some Of India Business law may be applicable on Pan India Market Level but some business / taxation law in India Market may differ from states to states. In such a situation every state of india, behave like as separate country, where each and every thing is different from others for doing business in india,  that’s why i told above  that this is situation of “Country within COUNTRY, market within MARKET,niche within NICHE & “challenges within CHALLENGES”. Perhaps this point should be considered as biggest India Market entry Barrier.

Need not to worry- Govt. Of India is going to solve the same issue with new rules and we hope that soon it will be resolved which further will make doing business in india will be more easy.

———————->Play On Micro Level To Manage these challenges<————————


India Market carries A Very Vibrant ,competitive,sensitive & responsive economical environment.Since after liberalization,india has emerged as an major international economical players,it’s natural, that it can affect other countries /global economic & financial situation and get affected by changing international economic situation.Particularly fluctuations come when US dollar prices fluctuate, and petro demand and supply balance get disturbed.Similarly balance between import and export also make it impact of performance of companies and prices of goods especially it,mobile etc because all these are majorly import based products.

———-> Add an additional contingency budget for such Situations<————–


India market -Again a diversified market by nature-micro dynamics available in india market due to presence of different market influencing stakeholders. A pure competitive market by nature for mass consumer goods and rarely monopoly,monopolistic,oligopoly types of market are available in some very specific field like in high tech,defense or govt. controlled sectors.

One more interesting thing is here for market bot organised and unorganized market situations are available and enjoys there share in business delivery.So how to manage such a situation……..

————> Be Fragmented niche within niche business philosophy<—————- 

Consumer Class & Their Preferences

A Complex Consumer pools based on their buying behavior. Further their buying decisions are affected by different influencers like elders,channel partners etc etc..More than 8 different types of consumer behavior has been observed in indian market.So how to manage such a diverse diverse consumer pool……..?

———————>Segmented Business Policy For each Class Of Consumers————–>


India is 7th largest country by area hence  market is very big and large.Distribution of your product offerings,services is a challenge for companies and requires huge investment and manpower to develop strong distribution / transportation  system to serve mass so that an business impact can be created  by in time delivery.

————–> Develop Multilayer Subdivided Distribution System To Manage These Challenges<——



A Very talented professionals from all fields are available. No need to say that India  Has a strong education system ,this is reason why indian professionals are leading the global companies as CEO’s e.g. satya nadella of microsoft, SUNDAR  pichai of Google,Indr Nooie of Pepsi…… Many more is list……

The same you will find In India Market  ,professional and experienced talent are avl on each part of india.More Important thing is that  almost everyone speaks,read and write english so no communication problems if you too match.

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Same is for skilled work force – all most for all sectors, skilled workforce is available.More important that Indian are keen to learn new concepts and develop new skills fast and soon get amalgamated in new environment and with new techniques. Further govt of india is also very serious  for skill development to meet the requirements of emerging opportunities.

Doing  business in india is going to become more and more easy with a unique speed from all corners.Its an opportunity for global investors.

<—-Indianise Yourself Be Adoptive And Get Adopted By Indians To Manage This Challenge<—-

Overall,India is a country with ever welcoming legacy,friendly work environment and all stake holders are available in same country like consumer,manufacturers,professionals etc etc .It’s a fine time to enter in indian Market.For Challenges ………. need not to worry……. just a simple technique …..just fine synchronization requires from your side and believe  in short time anyone can do this…. YOU TOOOOO…..



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Barriers To India Market  Entry








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